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Thursday, October 19, 2017

[Personal] My love story - The sound from a guitar and the weather is cold outside. I miss you!

Love creates sympathies and happiness which is very important for everyone especially me, these feelings are the brightest moments of my life. They are waiting to be discovered deeply in our heart and become the source of joy and positive energy. For me, I believe love is a priceless diamond because a diamond has thousands of reflections, and each reflection represents a meaning of love. I can accept imperfections without any condition and have the power against loneliness, sadness, and illness, and to be able to change them into my happiness. As well as, having a key to open my heart to look at this world without anything and nothing can be substituted for my love.
Nam Du Island
All of the things, I think it is a miracle coming from her that is my sweetheart. My story began over eight years ago when I was naïve. I still remember that day quite clearly, it was a nice day in fall. When we were in grade 10, she and I were chosen to the same class and she sat in front of me. Her sunken cheeks made my heart skip a beat and my eyes could not leave her or focus on anything else. That first moment when we saw each other is engraved in my head. Although I was a little bit shy, I could break the ice with her. I was impressed with her soft voice, light smile, and round face, that made her look so lovely especially in ao dai. I could still hear my heart throbbing loudly in my chest as her eyes landed on me in that small room. I loved her at the first sight.
It took a year for me to get close to her. Time flies so fast after we had finished our study in high school, we went to Ho Chi Minh city for higher education. She went to the Banking University while I learned at Technology and Education University. Fortunately, our school is near each other so we still had much time to meet and take care of each other. At that time, I took her to go to school or anywhere by my bicycle which I took from my hometown. Sometimes, we went to downtown or got back hometown by public bus. When I had a motorcycle, there were many good changes in our life. We went to travel many places with our friends. In 2010, we dropped in on one of my best friend’s hometown in Tra Vinh province, his name is Toan. We had visited some famous places here, played a card, eaten many famous traditional cuisines, and had coffee together for 2 days. After that, we went to Phan Thiet. We had a chance to try a lot of kinds of seafood, that is also one of my girlfriend’s hobbies.  Subsequently, we visited Ke Ga island, Suoi Hong, etc but unfortunately, I had a stomachache, she really worried about me and took care of me, which made me touched into tears. We had many memories there and those are unforgettable during our student time.
LangBiang - Da Lat
I believe different people have different ways of the feeling of expectancy in love, but for me, I just need to sit next to her, the girl who was very sweet, talked sweetly always cared for my study, health, and stole the heart from me. Besides, she not only is intelligent but also understands me so well. One time, I showed her records to my friend, it made them surprised with her sweet singing voice. She was endowed with an excellent singing voice that all her classmate dream of. By nature, she does not like violence and really loves children. She had worked as a teacher for a language center when she was a third-year student. Besides teaching, she created many outdoor activities and bought candies for them as a gift when they got a high score, therefore they really loved her. Moreover, she also liked to do that because she taught English which is her passion and she could improve her abilities.
In addition, she can do a lot of things. She had the N3 certificate in Japanese because she had to learn a second language besides English in the programming of the university. She also knew a little Korean when she started working at Banking of Korea. When she graduated, she submitted her Curriculum Vitae through Vietnam Work which you can find and contact some companies if you feeling suitable to them. Then, there is many companies as well as banks contacted her. One time, a bank arranged her an interview and I took her there while I was ill and it was heavy raining. When we got back home, I could not even control my motorcycle so she must take me, I did not want to do so. Poor her! And she had been working at that bank up to now. I became a lecturer at a university near the place we are living. I always take her to the bus stop when I do not have a class in the morning. And every evening like that, if I had time, I would pick her up after that we went out for dinner on my way to home. Several times, I went to her workplace to pick her up, we were happy being together.
Wonderfully, we are fellow- countryman so our plan will get back our hometown which is far different from noisy Ho Chi Minh city in Tet holiday together. The place where we had a lot of childhood memories and high school memories that I can not forget it even when I get older or did not live there anymore. At the time, I will be off the day before her so I will get back home before to clean and decorate my home. Some after days, I will return Ho Chi Minh city that waits for her and picks her up. She will attend the year-end party and enjoy Tet holiday with my family in my house.
Dambri Waterfall - Bao Loc
In spite of the fact that she is coddled, she is very kind to me whenever I am sad, she stands by me to give me support. My love for her is like the waves in the sea. Her name is now carved in my soul for she is part of who I am now. She was my love and as much as I want that part of my story to end of my life. A Charming and intelligent girl like my sweetheart definitely always takes an essential place in my heart. I love her more than I can say!

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